Chinese Academy of International Trade and Economic Cooperation
Department of Commerce of Zhejiang Province
Jinhua Government
Jinhua Bureau of Commerce
China Outsourcing Magazine
Administrative Committee of Jinhua Economic and Technological Development Zone
Int'l Organizer
KPMG Advisory (China) Limited
Conference Size
Representatives of Foreign Participants includes
  • Fortune Global 500 Companies
  • Global Outsourcing 100 Companies
  • Financial Times 500 Companies
  • The global well-known corporate executives
  • International Economist
  • Academics Experts
  • International Outsourcing Association
Representatives of Chinese Participants includes
  • The central leaders and Guests from other provinces :
  • Representatives of Chinese relevant authorities Association
  • Representatives from 21 service outsourcing model city
  • Domestic renowned scholars, professors and experts specialized in science and technology and service outsourcing
  • Guests in the province :
  • Zhejiang province and Jinhua city leaders
  • District (city), commissioned by the relevant leadership
  • Zhejiang province and Jinhua city software and service outsourcing business representatives
Journalists and other media
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Organizing Committee:
  • NAME: Li Hao
  • TEL:  86-10-64515158
  • MOBILE:15911082835
  • NAME: Li Yanni
  • TEL:  86-10-64515160
  • MOBILE:13141126816
  • E-mail: gsos2014@163.com
The conference registration
Enterprise name:
Number of participants:
Contact Person:
Contact number:
Global outsourcing Conference


Global Service Outsourcing Summit (GSOS) is an important event jointly hosted by Chinese Academy of International Trade and Economic Cooperation (CAITEC) and the local government, Co-organized by China Outsourcing Magazine and the local business bureau. The summit integrates global outsourcing service resource and make great efforts to promote communication and cooperation between the service outsourcing parks and the enterprises worldwide, to further improve the scale of the service outsourcing, the quality,and the brand effects.Global Service Outsourcing Summit (GSOS) Was formerly known as Global Outsourcing Summit(GOS). This summit has been successfully held in Ma anshan、Kunming、Wuxi etc. In 2014, the summit upgraded and officially changed its name which called Global Service Outsourcing Summit (GSOS).

    The main guests:

  • 1.The Ministry of Commerce and the national ministries and commissions, the global leader in the field of service outsourcing;
  • 2.The wealth of the world's top 500 enterprises, 2000 enterprises, Forbes Global Outsourcing 100 executives;
  • 3.Chinese service outsourcing leading president and executive force of the enterprise;
  • 4.The global outsourcing industry experts and scholars;
  • 5.The principal leaders of the local government;
  • 6.The 21 service outsourcing demonstration city as the representative of the local commerce administrative departments responsible person;

    The main functions:

  • 1.The integration of international resources, the combination of global outsourcing, the outsourcing business executives;
  • 2.To strengthen regional cooperation to cultivate international outsourcing, outsourcing market system, promote the establishment of international outsourcing receiving packet Center;
  • 3.The research status and development trend of international outsourcing and prediction, summarizes the law of international outsourcing;
  • 4.To enhance global competitiveness and international enterprises and visibility;
  • 5.To build the international service outsourcing industry supply and demand platform, for local improvement of local service outsourcing industry international reputation and brand influence;